Other Works From the Show

  • Watershadow in the dish 3

    비디오설치_4min 50sec_150x100x20cm_2015~2016

  • Light of Amaranth

    Variable size_Variable installation_Emirates Palace installation view_2013

  • 모나리자 폐허

    5min 44sec_LED TV_2013

  • Face of City

    LCD Display, PC_2014

  • SkinOfSkinDiaBlack2


  • Eternal Light -21c Last Supper

    14mx3m Canvas on Hangi ,oil ,Charcoal ,LED Light, Black Mirror,tempered glass , video_201

Other Works by 이이남(leeleenam)

  • 만화-병풍

    만화-병풍 (Cartoon-folding screen) 12min 7sec 5XLED TV 2018

  • 침묵

    Object+투명 19inch monitor+1.8inch LCD monitor, 53x62x52cm, 상영시간 5분 18초, 2012

  • 붉은 크리스마스

    Single-channel Video 10min, 2016

  • 모나리자 폐허

    5min 44sec_LED TV_2013

  • 자연의노래2 (A song of nature2)


  • 미인도와 벨라스케스그리고개미이야기(Miindo, Velazquez and some ants)

    4mins video, 128.5x183x12cm 55inch LED TVx2, 2011